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Healthy Home Technologies picked this ionizer 

because of it's ability, quality, and price.

Living Water

Living Water is a pH-balancing, healthy alkaline water system that conveniently connects to your sink, serving various purposes including drinking, cooking, and cleaning.


  • Provides acid-buffering alkaline water for drinking and cooking

  • Easy to read face, with color coordinated settings

  • Adjustable levels of pH: from 2 - 11.5 pH

  • Helps hydrate, detoxify liver and kidney, decreases inflammation, and is anti-aging

  • Produces acidic water for cleaning without chemicals

  • Generates water with negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) for increased antioxidant properties

  • Easily installs

  • Easy maintenance

pH chart
Pesticides on vegetables
ORP = Oxidative Reductive Potential
Under the Sink faucet for Living Water
Plants grow big with 8.5 pH
Plant given 8.5 pH
Three months of drinking 9.5 pH
Differences between Kangen and Living Water

All the ways to use the Living Water, click here.



 Incredible Living Water Testimonial 

Living Water Unboxing

Acidic & Alkaline water affects Blood under a Microscope

She was about to have her foot amputated,
until she drank Living Water 9.5 pH


Viewer discretion is advised*

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