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Introducing a brand new patented saltless water conditioner that requires:

Water quality can vary, and some areas face elevated levels of contaminants like calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfate, phosphates, manganese and silica.

Silica, a tough mineral derived from Silicon and Oxygen, can lead to deposits causing scratches, itching, and water spotting on glassware and fixtures. Water softeners often fall short, as they don't remove silica, phosphates, or sulfates, and involve significant maintenance, backwash, and salt usage. Our solution tackles these challenges effectively.

saltless pic.png

Saltless Conditioner 

20" Long

  • No salt

  • No backwash

  • No maintenance


More Info:

The Carico Saltless Conditioner stands out in the market for its unparalleled approach to handling silica, phosphates, and sulfates. It does not remove these substances but manages them effectively, thanks to its unique capability to interact with both positively and negatively charged particles.


One might wonder, why does Carico choose not to remove calcium and magnesium?

1. Minerals in Water Are Beneficial: Minerals like calcium and magnesium in drinking water contribute to our health. Consuming mineral-rich water can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Moreover, calcium in water enhances the strength of teeth and bones.

2. Environmental and Health Considerations: Adding salt to water, a common practice in softening, is neither beneficial for health nor the environment. Removing these minerals requires salt, which can elevate the risk of cardiovascular diseases and adversely affect our water ecosystems. For example, the average 1.5 cu/ft. water softener consumes 10-12 pounds of salt per regeneration cycle, potentially contaminating 38,200 gallons of water permanently.

3. Protecting Your Plumbing: Unlike traditional water softeners that can degrade your plumbing over time, our system is designed to be beneficial for your pipes. Softened water, being highly acidic, can not only harm your body but also significantly reduce the lifespan of your plumbing infrastructure.

Carico’s dedication to providing a health-conscious and environmentally friendly alternative is evident in the design and functionality of the Saltless Conditioner. Our system is a testament to our belief in the power of nature’s minerals and our commitment to sustainability.


Q: Can the Carico Saltless Conditioner eliminate existing mineral scale in my pipes and appliances?

A: Absolutely! The system generates carbon dioxide (CO2), which not only reduces scale but also gradually dissolves existing buildup, enhancing water flow throughout your home.

Q: Is the system safe for humans and pets?
A: Yes, completely safe. The Carico Saltless Conditioner operates without the use of salt, producing nothing harmful to the health of humans, pets, or plants.

Q: What maintenance does the system require?
A: None at all. After installation, there’s no need for you to add substances or perform backwashing. It's designed for ease of use and longevity.

Q: How long will the Carico Saltless Conditioner last?
A: The advanced filter media within the conditioner is built to last up to 3 years when used in conjunction with a Carico Wholehouse Filter. However, when used independently, Carico guarantees its performance for one year to ensure optimal functionality and satisfaction.

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