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Healthy Home Technologies picked this clean machine because of its patented intelligent double - boiler 
technology that enables a continuous flow
of high temperature dry steam for effective cleaning with out chemicals.

All-in-One Clean

A modern, more effective way to clean all surfaces without costly toxic chemicals, unsanitary mops, inefficient brooms and rags. 

The Clean machine is the solution

for a healthier and cleaner home.


  • Creates Superheated Dry Vapor Steam 318 F / 159 C

  • The 5.5 Bar Pressure steam helps remove most stains.

  • An ecologically friendly machine, allowing homeowners to avoid using any dangerous toxic cleaning chemicals.

  • The Intelligent double-boiler Technology manages the continues flow of Steam.

  • Aromatizes your home with the Carico’s Natural organic oils.

  • Simply the best all in one home care product.

  • Powerful vacuum picks up any left over moisture.

  • Made in Italy


Includes 26 Attachments

How effective are chemicals?



Professional Version: Pro Series 360


1. Ultimate Commercial Steamer


Dry vapor steam temperature: 360  F / 175  C

Neutralizes mold, bacteria, viruses and germs

Fast and hygienic cleaning without chemicals

Dual boiler for rapid heating and continuous refill.

3.3 liters continuous fill boiler with an additional 2 liter reserve.

2. Powerful Vacuum


Wet/dry capability.

Water filtration with washable filter. 

Collection tank with capacity volume of 6 liters / 1.6 gallon.

Now you can make your business safe by eliminating the risks associated with the use of toxic chemicals!

Daycare Centers




Nursing Homes


Locker Rooms



Restaurants / Bars


Medical / Dental Facilities

3. Hot Water Extraction


Equipped with hot water extraction tank for extra cleaning power. 

Ability to use with non-foaming, neutral cleaning agents 

Extraction tank with capacity volume of 2 liters / .5 G



19 standard attachments for every cleaning need.

Safety handle with integrated, precise steam, hot water and vacuum control.

Boiler power 1800 W.

Innovative, easy descaling system.

Hose range: 9.3 ft.

Ergonomically commercial grade handle for easier use and reach.

Convenient, on board carrying box for attachements.

Wheel base provides easy turning.

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