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15 inch water filter.png
15 inch water filter.png



15 inch water filter.png


Healthy Home Technologies has selected this company for its exceptional filtration capabilities. It effectively removes 100% of fluoride and 100% of forever chemicals, along with a wide range of other contaminants. For more detailed information on its filtration performance, please see below.

Under The Sink Filter

Caricos' point of use water filtration system fits everyone’s needs and budget, whether you own, rent or live in a large or small apartment or house.


This filtration system works with the kitchen sink, refrigerator, or any other point of use for your home.

  • USA Made

  • Patented solid-carbon block 

  • Silver ions infused in the solid carbon

  • Ceramic coconut filters out 0.005 microns small

  • Simple to install

  • Long filter life 

  • Does not take up valuable kitchen counter or under counter space

  • Can position the unit vertical or horizontal

  • Constructed of long lasting food grade American stainless steel. 

  • Continuous filtration~0.5 gallon/minute flow

  • Doesn't slow down water flow


We advise opting for either the 15" or the 20" filter.
The greater surface area enhances filtration effectiveness.

Performance Data:

New Cartridge Flyer.pdf (2).png

Filter Demonstration:

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 6.09.52 AM-fotor-20231126184155.png

Bill pfeiffer, KY

"I installed the point of use Carico filter three weeks ago and we really like what we have seen. I installed it in my basement under the kitchen sink for home drinking water. The first thing I noticed is its strong rugged construction. Not a cheap plastic filter bowl like all the others we have used. We had a reverse osmosis system that drained quite a bit of water constantly and that adds up to less filter life and wasted water which matters to us because we have a large family and are on cistern water. The housing is heavy and rigid, and the quality of the ceramic filtration media is impressive. No strings or woven mesh elements. Installation was a breeze since they give you push in tube fittings for easy installation with isolation valve, tee, and tubing. I had a drinking water dispenser faucet in the sink already but the one that came with the Carico filter was obviously more heavy duty and nicer in appearance and had a larger opening at the faucet head so I figured that would flow better. I was right. It does flow a lot better. I use a 7-gallon bladder tank on my original system to help dispense water quicker and I kept that in the system. Once I turned on the water and ran some through to purge it, we noticed the clean smell and taste. My wife noted that right away. A bit different than that reverse osmosis multi filter system. The ceramic element came with a cleaning pad to clean it if the water flow slows. I have not had to use that yet but that is nice considering how easy it is to take the element out and there is only one instead of three. I expect this to save me money on replacing all those elements of reverse osmosis so often.  We use a lot of drinking water in my house."



Takes up a lot of space

High maintenence

Doesn't filter out bacteria

Takes out all the good
minerals, including the bad

Less expensive upfront,
but replacements are costly

Wastes 4 out 5 gallons of water

Doesn't filter out pharmaceuticals

Creates acidic "dead water" 

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