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Healing Hydrogen Water

         The Healing Hydrogen Machine stands as the premier hydrogen water machine available today. It's engineered to generate pure, delicious hydrogen-enriched water, maintaining a neutral pH level throughout.

         This sophisticated device produces two kinds of water: one enriched with hydrogen and the other a purely filtered variant. You might wonder, how does it provide such convenience and quality directly in your home? Thanks to our cutting-edge water filtration (which removes fluroide) and hydrogen production technology, you have the luxury of accessing both types of water right in the comfort of your living spaces.

                     Key Benefits:

  • Enhances water flavor, boosts energy levels, and promotes balance.

  • Includes a fluoride filter 

  • Water enriched with molecular hydrogen (H2) has reduced oxidative properties.

  • Advanced hydrogen generation using an ionic membrane for cleaner results.

  • Platinum plates facilitate the release of H2 gas, offering measurable antioxidant benefits.

  • Works with reverse osmosis


Can purchase with or without a faucet.

While this system comes equipped with a fluoride filter, Healthy Home Technologies advises integrating an under-the-sink filter for comprehensive protection against hormones, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. Recommended filter: click here.

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