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ECHO Ultimate™  Hydrogen Machine


The ECHO Ultimate™ Hydrogen Water Machine is the only machine in the world that can produce four different types of water making it the most advanced hydrogen water machine available. It offers a versatile solution for your water needs: hydrogen, alkaline, acidic, and filtered. Ideal for health, cleaning, and skincare, it's a perfect fit for any home with easy installation options and a 10-year warranty.

ECHO Ultimate™ Hydrogen Machine

  • 7" Touch Color Screen with Voice Prompts
  • 10 Language Options

  • 5 Stages of Filtration

  • Under the Sink or Countertop install

  • Easy to Use with Minimal Maintenance

  • Automatic Filter Replacement Notification

  • Enhances water flavor, boosts energy levels, and promotes balance.

  • Includes a fluoride filter 

  • Advanced hydrogen generation using an ionic membrane for cleaner results.

  • Works with reverse osmosis

  • 10 Year Warranty

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