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Saltess Conditioner




Do you have hard water? 


This saltless water conditioner addresses calcium, magnesium, sulfates, phosphates and silica.


Contaminants in our drinking water vary from place to place. Unfortunately, the drinking water in some areas contain extremely high levels of calcium, magnesium, sulfate, phosphates and silica.


Silica is a hard, ceramic/sand like mineral formed from Silicon and Oxygen. Once the metallic silicates attach to a surface, they form deposits that are impossible to remove.  Silica in water causes scratching, etching and or water spotting on glassware and fixtures. Water-spotting presents itself as a sometimes cloudy, milk-like film, spots, or streaks left on a surface after the water has evaporated.

Water softeners don't remove silica! And most water softeners require lots of maintenance, backwash, and salt. And water softeners don’t remove phosphates! Or Sulfates!


This saltless conditioner lasts for three years  with the Whole House Water Filtration system, with no backwash, maintenance or salt needed.

Saltess Conditioner

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