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Living Water








Living Water is a pH-balancing, alkaline water ionizer that connects to your sink and is used for drinking, cooking, and even cleaning purposes.


  • Provides acid-buffering alkaline water for drinking and cooking, right at your faucet
  • Produces acidic water for cleaning without chemicals
  • Generates water with excellent negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) for increased antioxidant properties
  • Easily installs to your existing faucet with no special plumbing


Options to install:

Over the sink or under the sink. 

Living Water

Electrode Type Titanium steel w/platinum
Water Filtration Two filter system
Filter Life 10,000 liters
pH Range 2.0 ~ 11.0+ depending on water source conditions
ORP Range +500mv to -400mv
Water Temp 39° F (4° C) to 95° F (35° C)
Size 10.8" wide x 12.4" high x 5.5" deep
Weight 8.1 lbs
Warranty Five (5) year limited warranty
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