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All-In-One Clean Machine




A modern, more effective way to clean all surfaces without costly toxic chemicals, unsanitary mops, inefficient brooms and rags. Using 318°F/158°C of 95% dry vapor steam it will dislodge dirt and grime. The Ultra Tech All-in-One Clean machine is the solution for a healthier home!


  • Creates Superheated Dry Vapor Steam 318 F / 159 C
  • The 5.5 Bar Pressure steam helps remove most stains.
  • An ecologically friendly machine, allowing homeowners to avoid using any dangerous toxic cleaning chemicals.
  • The Intelligent Boiler Technology manages the continues flow of Steam
  • Aromatizes your home with the Carico’s Natural organic oils.
  • Simply the best all in one home care product.


Two Options:

1. All-in-One Clean Machine: Home verison

2. Pro Series 360: A professional model that can be used at home or in commericals spaces.

All-In-One Clean Machine

$4,799.00 Regular Price
$3,995.00Sale Price

Ships within 1-3 business days. 

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